Quiet Riot

Hello folks,


It is with a heavy heart that I write these words today, but I must put Panel Riot on the shelf. Things have been chaotic and difficult and I need some time away. Every time I sit down to record or conceive or even outline an episode, I come up frustratingly short. The spark is simply not there. It's like trying to tie a ship to dock with cooked spaghetti. You know from the outset that it's not going to work AND it's a waste of good spaghetti. I have half recorded episodes, abandoned concepts and outlines, all of which amount to little more than an amazingly large pile of wasted spaghetti. 

I want to say how much I appreciate everyone who listened to the show. It's a rare and fantastic thing to put your ideas out there and have people listen to them and actually enjoy them! I can't thank you enough for all your support. Specifically, I want to thank the people who paid me for this madness. One more time, all of my love and respect to
Ellen Hemington @Coyotitude
Meredith and Zach Staton @MerebearDoodles and @TehZeek respectivly
Tonio Garza @thewrevolution
Ed Burke @EdBurke37
Mike Sorg @Sorgatron
TJ Tague @TeeSquar3!
On a scale of 1 - 10, they are, and will remain, the best.

I also want to thank everyone who has appeared on the show. I've had the genuine pleasure to talk comics with the best people in the world, so thank you to Asher Powell, Bobby F JTown, Corey Milbert, Ellen Hemmington, Jessie Dvorzak, Jack Bunja, Dawn Papuga Bunja, Kristin Ross, Mad Mike, Mike Sorg, TJ Tague, Zach Rizza and Zach Staton. It was a sincere pleasure talking to you all. 

I would also like to give a special thank you to Mike Sorg, who was always incredibly supportive of the show. Thanks Sorg<3

Finally, Thank you to Watson and Intern Stan, my partners in this strange endeavor. Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure.  Thank you also to The Petri Family, The Family That Took Time To Bring You Good Wine.

Will I be back eventually? Probably. I love comics and I love podcasts and I can't seem to stay away from either for too long. When will that be? Who knows, but until then, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for listening, true believers.